The Mysteries of the Universe 

Jan-2016  Outline of Things Coming Soon.

Mar-2015:  Essay Prepared for to the Foundational Questions Institute 2015 Essay Contest

13-Jul-2013:  Scientific Paper presented at the Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference 2013

18-Jan-2013:   Chapter 6: Mathematically Assembling the Cosmic Puzzle
09-Feb-2013:   (Chapter 6 is now very direct and to the point. 

·       Where does matter’s mass come from?

·       How does its presence effect space-time expansion?

·       If Dark Matter exists, how is it different from atoms?  Or is this really the density of the Space Medium?

04-Jan-2013:   PowerPoint Presentation: Introducing the issues confronting Cosmology Today
11-Feb-2013:   UPDATED   (Simplified math yielded a simpler explanation of the fundamental nature of time + other minor improvements.)

16-Oct-2010:  REWRITE explaining Genesis Cosmology

The Quest

The Holy Grail of Physics -- to reconcile Relativity with Quantum Mechanics.

The Goal

A fundamentally complete cosmological model.
The foundation for the future of all science.

The Author

Mathematical Art
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A Concise Introduction to Genesis Cosmology
perhaps too concise for those unfamiliar with scientific concepts

 Quantum Clock of the Cosmos
  Now-manifold: forward progress of time

  Spring-waves: pre-manifest particles

Compare and Contrast with Big Bang cosmologies 

Preface:   Mysteries of the Universe

Chapter 1: Do we know what we think we know?

Chapter 2: Is "Hubble's Law" law?

Chapter 3: A whole universe -- by accident or by design?

Chapter 4: The Pathway to the Holy Grail this chapter is part of my testimony.  It's really for believer's only.  Non-believers, please don't click here.

Chapter 5: Derivation from the Hebrew-text.

  <>  Verse-by-verse, word-by-word, root-by-root
  <>  Curse on the atoms -- radioactive decay

Chapter 6: Piecing Together the Cosmic Puzzle

Chapter 7: Time to adjust our perception of clock-rates.

Hubble photo courtesy of NASA.