John Wsol – a brief biography…

1966: Age 11, John read most of the books on astronomy at the school and city libraries.  For his 6th grade science project he made a cardboard-box planetarium accompanied by a 36-page book he typed on a manual typewriter.  His parents get him his 1st telescope.

1967: Age 12, John buys his first slide rule and learns how to use every function -- entirely on his own.  His 7th grade math project is all about logarithms.

1968: Age 13, John became interested in computers and read most of the books on computers, electronics and math at his school's library.  He invented a new subtract algorithm, designed the circuitry to accomplish it and built his binary digital computer from old pinball machine parts!  This project won 1st place in school, county, and California State Science Fairs.


1969: Age 14, John was awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation that funded computer time on UCI's Sigma-7.  He designed a computer programming language that could extend its base vocabulary as well as its data-types -- this was even before the Swiss professor Nicolas Wirth came out with the Pascal language.

1970: Age 15, John aced all his chemistry exams and, on his own initiative, developed a computer program that could balance chemical equations – which won him the “Chemistry Student-of-the-Year”.

1972: Age 17, Hired by Physics Computer Development Project, UCI: totally rewrote a program that taught complex number theory and added a feature to Quantum that remembered each individual student’s progress through this Computer Aided Instruction program that taught Quantum Physics.

         --- John's parents got divorced. John's academic track gets de-railed.  ---

1973: Age 18, Santa Fe Engineering: worked for R&D department– developed 2D & 3D computer graphics software: visualized geo-physical data, offshore oil platforms, etc. His work was showcased at the Offshore Technology Conference.

1976-80s: Avid Bible student -- especially of the super-genius, Dr. Chuck Missler’s Bible Studies.

1986: Started writing book entitled "Understanding Understanding" an epistemology basis for Cognitive Science theories that would someday enable a computer to actually think and program itself.

1988: Applying these theories he created HyperSort -- the world’s fastest sort algorithm.

1999: Director of Information Technology for Tulon.

2002: While studying the Hebrew text of the Bible John discovered the Cosmic Onion Model.

2004: Started writing book “The Mysteries of the Universe” which conceptually reconciles Quantum Mechanics with Relativity Theories, explains how and why gravity works, resolves the Pioneer 10 & 11 anomaly, explains Dark Matter, explains away Dark Energy, and demystifies Dark Flow (2008).

2005: Developed software simulated neural-net hosted by a database system that spanned both a Right-& Left-Brain RAID stacks.

Dec 2005: Completed the first 5 chapters of “The Mysteries of the Universe"