Chapter 4: “The path to the Holy Grail of Physics” -- (c) 2005, 2010 John Wsol, All rights reserved.

What makes you think you’ve found the “Holy Grail of Physics?”

1Co 1:19 For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise,
 and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.

1Co 1:27 But God has chosen the foolish things
 of the world to confound the wise;
and God has chosen the weak things
 of the world to confound the things which are mighty;

These Biblical quotes are reminders to check our hearts for limitations set by pride or by peer pressure from the Herd Mentality.  For you see, God is amazingly intelligent and patient.  He can teach us about creation by demonstrating abstract ideas by super-naturally orchestrating ordinary events.   One example is in Chapter 1, the time that Wally met Albert Einstein & the inchworms.  He waited over 80 years before this story finally made me aware of the spiral polarization of light.  Other key elements of the story are:

(1)     Q: What was Einstein doing at CalTech at the time?
A: Discussing the implications of Hubble’s expanding universe had on Relativity Theory.  Hubble thought that the redshift was primarily due to Doppler Effect.  But I say he was wrong.  Doppler is a phenomenon that happens INSTANTANEIOUSLY as light is emitted from the object and as it is received by an object.  Cosmologically redshift occurs while in-transit – the ENTIRE duration of light’s journey.  They are three separate events.  Emission-Transit-Reception. 

(2)     Q: What does the tree represent?
A: As the tree grows (expanding universe).  The tree’s annual rings call our attention to the Comic Onion-layers.

(3)     Q: What about the bark of the tree?
A: It represents the surface of the Now-Manifold.  The “dents” would be in-and-around massive galaxies, and the “bumps” would be the voids between galaxies.

(4)     Q: What do the vines represent?
A: The spiral pathway, on the surface of the Now-Manifold.  A ray of light as it traverses the ever-expanding universe.

(5)     Q: What are the inchworms all about?
A: They represent photons that move along incrementally – light-waves are longer wavelengths, but all light-waves are quantized.  As they traverse ever-growing vine – so does their wavelength stretch.

(6)     Q: What about the clock-wise verses counter-clockwise inchworms?
A: That tells us about the spiral polarization occurs at the level of photons, not just as longer waves.

(7)     Q: more stuff to come…

Another example was one day during the 1st week of July 2002.  I was so excited about this Cosmological Model, that I sent an e-mail to Calvary Chapel Pastor Chuck Smith about it.  Then I packed up my laptop and headed to the garage to go somewhere.  But as I stepped into my garage, I thought aloud, “You know, Lord,[1] no one, not even Pastor Chuck Smith, is going to believe me or know how to respond to this cosmological model from just one letter!”  As foolish as this may sound, I could actually hear the smile in His still small voice when He rhythmically replied,

“And Humpty Dumpy had a Great Fall!”

At that very moment my neighbor, whose garage was directly across from mine, was trying to put an empty 5-gallon plastic Sparkletts bottle on the top shelf.   I caught movement in my peripheral vision and turned just in time to see my neighbor standing on the ladder, as the bottle flew in its trajectory away from his hands and accelerated downward to the cement floor, almost in slow motion…


The sound of the “Big Bang” echoed off the walls of his garage directly into mine.  The LOUD noise caused him to be a bit embarrassed and we both stood there surprised.  I laughed it off and he soon smiled. Curiously perplexed, I searched my long-term memory for the rest of the nursery rhyme, quietly reciting:

And all the king’s horses and all the king’s men
couldn’t put Humpty together again!

Then it hit me!  Humpty is represented by the Sparkletts bottle!  The “spark” from the empty Sparkletts bottle is the Big Bang!  However, in Genesis, God starts out with a domain full of water just before He said, “Let there be light!”  What the Lord demonstrated through a little foolishness is that Big Bang cosmologies are not sealed, as a bottle “filled with water”; in fact, “they don’t hold any water!”   Even the ripples on the outside of the bottle suggested thoughts of the “Spirit of God” moving or shaking the surface of the waters.

Furthermore, Pastor Chuck’s sermon on the previous Sunday was about an army of a million men and 300 chariots.   What the Lord was saying was that; even after thousands of years of human history and scientific advancement, after an army of a million scientists had attempted to build a working cosmological model (Humpty), even utilizing all the “horsepower” of 300 of the world’s largest supercomputers (chariots), they still have not succeeded.

The next day I prepared my camera with the intent of taking a picture of this bottle.  No sooner did I step out of the garage before my cell phone rang.  to be talking with my ex-landlord, good friend and physicist, (“Sandy”).  He took me by surprise. I had not talked with him ever since he moved to Orca’s Island, over a year earlier!   We talked briefly, and exchanged e-mail addresses so I could bounce some physics ideas off him.

I hung-up and, with camera in hand, I proceeded across the street.  No sooner did I step into my neighbor’s garage I notice a picture on the west wall.   It was a picture of the “Tail of a Whale” just above the water.  But, as I looked again, I could see it as a bird hovering over the waters, with its tail gliding upon the surface of the waters.   It appears as the “head” of a bird and the “tail” of a whale; just as the Creator is the First and the Last – the Alpha and the Omega!   Does not everything that had a beginning, find its beginning in this Creator?

The Lord gave me a “Whale of a Tale” to share!  An illustration of Genesis 1:2:


 And the earth was without form and void;
and darkness was upon the face of the deep.
And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.


So, like the Biblical event of David & Goliath, I believe that a small team of scientists, who put their trust in God’s Word, will turn the scientific world upside-down simply by turning the current cosmological perceptions right-side-out.  This Biblically based model is the first that really does hold water! 


A Really Brief History of Space-Time 

Isaac Newton based his mathematics on the assumption that the universe exists in a rigid Euclidian geometry; like Cartesian graph paper in 3 dimensions. He also assumed that time is linear, like our grade school concept of a time-line.  This idea supports the notion that it is the same time everywhere in the universe. This is to say that if one had clocks at the intersection points of the imaginary 3D graph paper extending to the edges of the universe, all clocks would tick at exactly the same rate, thus, all clocks would indicate the same age for every point in the universe.   Newton’s perception of “Now” meant that the perceived point of now is the same time everywhere in the universe.   From this mindset the question: “How old is the universe?” would have a straightforward answer.

Then Albert Einstein came along and broke out of this mindset, introducing the idea that space-time was elastic.  His new paradigm allows massive objects to warp space-time in its immediate vicinity.  It is the curvature of space that manifests as gravity.   Einstein’s perception of “Now” turned the imaginary graph paper into a 3D sheet of rubber where massive objects compress nearby space and somehow slow time.   The clocks at the warped intersections of our rubber graph paper tick at all different rates! 

Einstein did, however, correctly state that “gravity is a manifestation of the curvature of space-time.”  Most people misinterpret this statement to mean that “gravity slows down time”.   But look once more at what is the ‘cause’ and what is the ‘effect’.   Gravity’s effects are easily observed.  The subtle slowing of time is difficult to detect.  It occurred to me that because gravity’s effects are so easily observed and always take place parallel to very subtle changes in the flow of time; we may wrongly conclude that gravity is the cause!

It is not gravity that slows time, but rather it is that matter slows time in and around itself,
with diminishing affect with distance,
and causes a dent in the space-time manifold;
as this dent penetrates the Cosmic Onion Layers the Impedance of Space
 cause a temporal slope.  That slope translates into the gravitational field.

Though Einstein had succeeded in incorporating time into his mathematics, it would seem to still be just a mathematical extrapolation.[2]   There was still something that was eluding his mental grasp. 

Consider this quote:

"People like us, who believe in physics,
 know that the distinction between past, present and future
 is only a stubbornly persistent illusion."

Einstein’s mental perspective of “reference frames,” placed him too close to the space-time manifold to see past the 3-dimentional illusion and identify the “all-pervasive truth.”  Everything we see and experience in physical reality is a manifestation of 4 fundamental wave-functions.  These wave-functions are energy constructs.  Even particles themselves are the manifestation of the interaction of these basic wave-functions!   M = E/c2.   These particulate manifestations create electro-magnetic phenomena and impede the forward progress of time; producing a dent in space-time.  Finally, as this dent in the space-time manifold perpetrates the Cosmic Onion Layers, it manifests as the gravitational field.

Inside-out vs. Outside-in

Most scientists view space as a medium with properties that can transmit (carry) electro-magnetic waves.  Most people perceive 3D space as a vast expanse, or “vacuum”, of emptiness with stars and planets spinning about.  That our planet is somewhere in the midst of all these galaxies moving away from us.  That time is just some abstract sense of flow in a forward direction.  This “inside looking out” perspective is in-side-out!

Get real!  How can you turn the whole universe in-side-out?

It’s not the universe that needs turning – it’s our Perspective.

[1] Pro 3:5-6  Trust in the LORD with all your heart; and lean not on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths.

[2] In science you can often plot data and see trends often by extending a trend, called extrapolation, you can make predictions.  In math once you can formulate 2D and 3D phenomena the math notations make it easy to extrapolate, that is, extent the formula into higher dimensional space – even if you can’t even begin to imagine what that space is like, yet you can write and manipulate formulae that do.

[3] Later, after having fully described the 4 fundamental wave-functions that construct space-time and matter.  For most it will also require the answer to Job 38:19: Where is the way where light dwells? and as for darkness, where is the place thereof. (NKJV)