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Database Expert / Software Developer / Theoretician / Cosmologist


Proven Technical & Database Expertise in a Career spanning 30+ years


John has an extraordinary aptitude for abstract pattern matching and multi-dimensional thinking, a love for computer technologies, math and physics, and a passion for Cosmology.   He is a technically advanced database expert who is capable of analyzing complex business processes, assimilating sophisticated software systems and recommending novel application of various technologies.  His in-depth understanding of computer architecture enables him to achieve highly integrated/optimized database designs and algorithms.  

Proven areas of expertise include:

·     Multi-Dimensional Thinker

·     Habitually Questions Fundamentals

·     Extensive Mathematical Analysis of Physical Dimimensions

·     Super SQL Database Optimizer

·  Can assimilate complex systems

·  Disciplined Diagrammer, flow-charter

·  Manufacturing: Robotics &
Statistical Process Control

·  POV-ray Mathematical Artist/Engineer

·  Microsoft Access, Ms-SQL & MySQL

·  Strategic & Tactical Planning

·  Flexible, Multi-tasker

·  Innovative solution provider

·  Easygoing, Natural Peacemaker


Database Consulting, San Clemente, California | 04/2012 – present

Ms-SQL & MySQL database integration. Support a database needs for a Magento e-commerce website, Amazon & eBay listings.

Major Accomplishments:

· Integrated Ms-Access front-end with Ms-SQL & MySQL: interactive queries into a remotely linked Magento server; created many queries that JOIN views between both servers at once; including Db Trigger logic via remote UPDATEs.

· Managed multiple vendor warehouses: required translation of multiple vendor SKU’s, pushed product descriptions/inventory into Amazon & eBay(M2EPro); interpreted HTML DOM to extract database data from Amazon Seller-Support webpages.

· Implemented Virtual PBX: configured IP phones & network routers, VPN tunnels, etc..


Cosmology Research, San Clemente, California | 11/2011 – present

Independent study of math, physics, cosmology, experimenting with electromagnetics, learning Mathematica 10.

  Primary Investigator – self-financed (so far)

Studied: Dr. David Goodstein’s of CalTech:  Mechanical Universe Series (my notes), & Resonance Academy Course.

Studying: Nassim Haramein’s published papers, David Thomson’s “Aether Physics Model”, Michael Talbots “Holographic Universe”, John Jackson’s “Classical Electrodynamics”, Richard Feynman’s “Quantum Mechanics and Path Integrals”, Charles Lucas & Dave Bergman’s: Journal of Common Sense Science, and Dr. Konstantin Meyl’s presentations and writings, John W. Keely, WITTS.WS,,, Nikola Tesla & Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s writings.

Major Accomplishments:

· Resonance Academy Delegate: completed the Delegate Level 1 Course (twice), extended Nassim’s theoretical framework into 4D geometry where the Space-Now manifold of the entire universe is an Event Horizon of 4D Black  Whole and the surface of Protons/Neutrons are the transition from “outside” Space-Time to “inside” being the Cosmic Torsion web.

· Aether Physics Model: created a software system that literally “discovers” new physics equations

· Cosmic Onion Model: correlated ALL the properties Space Medium and Planck-Units to quantum-scale wave geometries that correlate with Sacred Geometry in 4-dimensions.

o   Dark Matter: Conceptually explains why galactic spiral arms are naturally stable along with Mathematica illustrations.

o   Dark Energy: Conceptually explains an ever-expanding Space-Time Metric and resolves the Dark Energy mystery.

o   Dark Flow: model predicts galaxies on the opposite side of  hyperspheric universe “appear” to be converge/emerge.

· PowerPoint Presentations: Created 1st of a series explaining current challenges in science and cosmology.

· Mathematica: used its dimensional units feature to verify that all my math and dimensional analysis, so far, are correct.

· Flux-Switch Transformer: created a single-purpose CAD program using POV-ray.  Correctly computed coil’s Litz-wire length and resistance. 




Panasonic Avionics Corp: Lake Forest, California | 3/2011 – 11/2011

In-Flight Entertainment systems (Japan, US, UK, Dubai, Singapore) approximately 3000 employees

Microsoft SQL DBA

Administered several SQL Database servers and a few SQL Reporting Servers (SRS), setup backups using Quest LiteSpeed for SQL, administered Team Foundation Server and used TFS to retrieve latest programmer updates and deploy to production.

· Created Panoramic: a utility for DBAs to get an overview of all databases across several servers: database/table storage requirements, browse-able summary of database objects with a concise presentation of keys and table columns.  Quickly revealing the degree of efficiency or lack thereof.

· Created an SRS monitoring tool: quick histogram window of reports (pending, just started, finished okay, or errored-out) showing parallel execution across several backend database servers, one-click drill down showing overlapped execution on individual servers and one-more-click showing execution log details for each report’s execution history.

· Setup latest SQL 2008 server for replicated database between two cities.  Greatly increased speed seen by the user-base.

· Several letters of commendation for excellent customer service and for exhibited technical knowledge and skills.


Telogis: Irvine-Aliso Viejo, California | 6/2007 – 10/2010

$30M Location Based Services for Enterprise customers -- in 16 states (+ several countries) with approximately 150 employees


In-house Information Technology Department

Starting out half-time, supported all in-house IT needs while the company revenue doubled three times – growing from 30 to 144 users. Researched, recommended and purchased workstations, notebooks, printers, cell/smart phones and broadband/networking hardware.  Installed, administered security & maintained: PCs, printers, network switches, firewalls and database servers.     Coordinate new-hire process and to support an employee-base in 16 states: Ms-Office, cellphones, notebooks, printers, VPN.

· Maintained and Administered NT Server saving over $100,000 from outsourced consulting services, while providing much more responsive services to the happier user-base.

· Evaluated/Recommended hardware which out-performed and achieved higher satisfaction than “standard issue” notebooks.

· Recommended SonicWall Firewall over IPCop which turned out to be the salvation for this mission-critical function.

· Managed technical aspects of moving the headquarters from Irvine to Aliso Viejo, CA – site-survey, ordering Internet services, pulling/terminating cables, installing phone system, switches, firewall and servers.

· Upgraded servers, researched SQL 2008 new security considerations, installed and administered SQL 2008 R2 server.

· Setup SQL 2008 Report Services and new security administration interface.

· Four occasions managed to recover notebooks from very nasty virus attacks.  (Even those the anti-virus software missed!)

· Helped promote within Telogis the Microsoft Certified Partner Program: saving almost $60,000 in software licensing fees.


Database Consultant: 12/2005-5/2007


· TechMD: custom reports from a very complex enterprise-class service organization Ms-SQL database: Their other client:

o   UCP: interactive drill-down reports, monthly summaries, weekly hours, daily transactions

· iArmor: Ms-SQL & Ms-Access manufacturing tracking system: including bar-code scanning, inventory control.

· Parker Aerospace: SQL Server based Estimating Tool for test fixtures and comprehensive torture test procedures.


American Information Strategies: San Clemente, California | 4/2005 – 11/2006

Privately held Investment/Investor Lead Brokers.

  Sr. Database Engineer

Designed and developed a neural-net database design to assimilate thousands of inconsistently coded contact lists into a consistent knowledge-base.  Blazingly faster than its predecessor.


Major Accomplishments:

· Created a SQL database schema modeled after the human brain:  Right & Left RAID stacks.  Featured many queries, table-valued functions and stored procedures which assimilated hundreds of contact lists into a consistent, data-warehouse.

· Ms-Access user-interface (into SQL DB) that featured dynamic graphs and user interactions which constructed customer orders generating and FAXing the invoice directly to the customer.  Many beautiful reports layouts to deliver to the customer.

· Almost every week the boss would come up with a special one-time report request and I’d only have 30-45 minutes to create some weird query and produce the report for the sales meeting.


iEnterprise Technologies:  Costa Mesa, California | 8/2002 – 12/2003

Privately owned Software/Service Company catering to Automotive Dealerships.

  Sr. Database Engineer

· Responsible for SQL Server: Installation, configuration, database replication (transaction log shipping)

· Established Database Design Standards: normalization, relational diagrams, referential integrity

· Redesigned Database Schemas: Optimized structure/indexes, tuned performance

· Developed Intelligent Software/Database Interface: Import/Export inventories, transactions. (VB, OLE-controls, Secure TCP



Software Education of America: Brea, California | 8/2002 – 12/2003

Microsoft Certified School.

Instructor: Database Administration & Development

· 2nd highest score in school’s history for Microsoft SQL Administration Certification Exam.

· While still enrolled in MCSD School, when another instructor suddenly left the company, my instructor asked me to take over the Microsoft SQL Administration class.

· Class students would often comment on how clearly I could explain things saying “Teaching really is your calling!”


TULON:  Irvine, California | 3/1999 – 1/2002

$20M-108M Carbide Drill Bits for the circuit board industry

Software Development Engineer


· MRP Database Dictionary (Meta-Data) auto-translated it to standard SQL.

· Ms-Access Applets: (via ODBC) to an MRP system (MAPICS-AS/400): A/R, A/P, sales analysis, inventory, mfg orders

· TulTrack: tracked tools received, in-process, shipments; printed and read bar codes.

· Consignment Inventory System: Access GUI sync’ed with SQL 2000 & AS/400

· Mission Management System: ongoing projects, monitoring (Access with OLE)

· Engineering Specifications: Correlated similar designs showing real-time inventories.

· Statistical Process Control: multi-language UI, semi-automatic data acquisition systems, and automated visual inspection systems.

· Robotics: VB GUI with DAO and Seiko SPEL (parallel tasking robotics).

· Customer Relationship Management Database: (SQL/2000, ASP)

· PCs (Windows 98, NT4, Windows 2000), Servers (Exchange, SQL). LAN Switches, WAN routers, SonicWall firewalls & VPN. 


Consultant/Application Developer: Fountain Valley, California | 4/2001 – 7/2001

· Developed SQL Database GoFBO an aircraft repair shop system: Airplanes: makes, models, maintenance history, work orders, line-item progress status; Employees: roles, scheduling, time tracking; Categorized: problems, corrective actions, parts; Inventoried: multiple warehouses

· Ferro Corporation - Access application: automated importation of Lotus spreadsheets into Access, making translation into a consistent database schema possible.


Tycom:  Irvine, California | 9/1994 – 3/1999

$20M-108M Carbide Drill Bits for the circuit board industry

Software Development Engineer

· OFI System (Opportunity For Improvement): problem resolution tracking (ISO 9000), English to SQL report writer (Amazing! Implied Multi-phase queries and JOINs.)

· Manufacturing Data Acquisition & Robotic control: multi-threaded VBA controlled automated vision and robots.  Gave engineers many beautifully analytical charts.

· Billing system: Access GUI (via VPN) to HP9000 printed invoices in Japanese

· Web Access to Shipments: Customers inquiry of shipments without interrupting staff

· LAN, WAN, Servers: DHCP, WINS, Exchange, Proxy

Integrated Medical Systems: Fountain Valley, California | 2/1992 – 4/1994

$20M-108M Carbide Drill Bits for the circuit board industry

Sr. Programmer

·  Way cool DOS Batch & C programs: processed medical insurance claims, supporting many protocols, data interchange formats including EDI.  LAN, WAN, Servers: DHCP, WINS, Exchange, Proxy




The Resonance Project Foundation Graduate of the Delegate Program (May 2012)

Anthony Robbins Mastery University (2005-2006)

·  Unleash the Power Within

·  Date with Destiny

·  Life Mastery

·  Wealth Mastery

   IBM: AS/400 Concepts, Facilities, Applications Programming, Boston, MA

Microsoft Certified Professional: Software Education of America, Brea, CA -- DBA (Oct 2002)

U.S. Navy: Navy Science Cruiser’s Award (1969)

National Science Foundation: awarded grant for programming language design project (1969)

Cypress College: 2 years calculus, 1 year chemistry, 1 year physics

Physics Computer Development Project (UCI): Totally rewrote “Complex” a program that taught complex number theory, helped add a feature to “Quantum” that remembered each student’s progress through various Computer Aided quantum physics teaching modules. (1972)

Western High School:  Chemistry Student-of-the-Year

California Science Fair: 1st Placefor computer project built from old pin-ball machine parts.

Self-taught: 27+ Programming Languages, 10+ Database Management Systems, mathematics (vector calculus, learning tensors), computer science, Cognitive Science, epistemology, physics, learning quantum wave-mechanics & cosmology

Relevant Publications & Presentations:


1.Understanding Understanding: Early ideas about Cognitive Science

2.Understanding the Mind:  and the role of Consciousness.

3.Mysteries of the Universe: Preface
Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Is Hubble’s Law Flawed?
Chapter 3: A Whole Universe – by accident or design?
Chapter 4: “
The path to the Holy Grail of Physics
Chapter 5:
Derivation of Genesis Cosmology from the Hebrew Text
Chapter 6:
Mathematically assemble the Cosmic Puzzle

4.Natural Philosophy Alliance: World Science Database
John Wsol’s Profile Page: Some of my better and more concise writings.

5.Cosmic Onion Model: A Presentation Series: (A work-in-progress. Only #1 is ready.)
Background on Science and the Challenges in Cosmology
The Cosmic Onion Model in a Nutshell
Dark Matter: Revealed
Dark Energy: turning science right-side-up by turning our perceptions outside-in.
Dark Flow: Peering into a hyper-focal point